4LA [House]

4LA House Japan Sapporo Kizi Garden

4LA comes from Naganuma, Hokkaido, Japan. He now lives in Sapporo, Japan , in the farthest north, where you have very cold and snowy winters.

His favorite type of music are House and Techno.

He produces mainly with Roland AIRA TR-8 and the NI Maschine to create rhythms. In order to add more to its productions 4LA also uses synthesizers and sampling. When he produces, he likes to listen to his tracks form different speakers and various places. By doing so he likes to imagine how people might feel from it.

4LA is mainly influenced by the house music of the 90’s in Sapporo. When we asked him what his goals in producing music was, he answered : « My goal is to create a family around my music. Will you be part  of the family ? ».

His favorite thing in the process of producing tracks is that it’s always a new discovery and it makes him smile.  His personal touch in his work would be born from experience and environmental changes that he’s been feeling.

The name 4LA means to express something within him, he creates his tracks by releasing his emotions, feelings, and so on.  In japanese, 4LA can be read as his nickname ‘Shira », even tough most of the people read it « Four LA », which doesn’t bother him.

For him, Kizi Garden Records  is always releasing high-quality sounds mainly House and Techno. It’s a young label but very motivated concerning the creation of music, with a nice taste. He’s very pleased for this opportunity to work with Kizi Garden.

When asked to say a few words about his collaboration with Kenji Endo :

« I have met him by accident at the first front line of dance floor at WOMB in 2013, and became a good friend as we found out both of us like ‘Bar Samba’. Kenji’s DJ play and work are always high quality, but most importantly, I really like his modest personality»

He’s also like to add, for his listeners : «  Thanks very much for listening to my music, please don’t forget what I have mentioned in this interview, but I’d love for you to enjoy the music by your own way! Those are probably  good or bad tunes, dancing tunes or a music for your bedroom.

I am very happy if my music could become a part of your daily life.

I’m looking forward to enjoying  music together one day as a family! »

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/hirokishira4la/

Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/dj-4la-from-sapporo

Beatport : https://www.beatport.com/artist/4la/555768