The Garden

Kizi Gang Manifesto

In Montréal, a gang means a group friends with strong bonds, they act like a family.

1. It’s all about love and music

2. Always respect each other and the public

3. Judge people’s music only on how it sounds not on what they produce with

4. Never forget that arts cannot exist without human contact

5. Helping each other out is the key

6. Share your connections if it can help one member of the gang

7. Giving it back starts the wheel of virtue

8. The network of each one of you helps growing the other one’s network

9. Support your brothers and sisters when they are in town

10. Support each other in your mixes, at parties and on the internet

11. Our unity is our strength

12. Unleash your nature and allow your true self to (be)live as it should

13. Bring your groove to the city

14. always stay in touch with nature

15. An open-minded vibe is the key

16. Never forget about Jack