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Hernán González (Johannesburg, 1976) is a house, techno and experimental producer based in Montevideo, Uruguay. Produces under the Cooptrol alias since 2000, and has released many Lps and Eps in labels such as Spezialmaterial, Kizi Garden, Clang, Astelaguel, and self-ran Tiredbeat.

With a past as drummer since the early 90’s, syncopation and polyrhythms rule his music, as well as a love for all sounds synthetic. Cooptrol’s first official release “Detractor” in 2004. Subsequent releases such as “Ubicuidad” (2005) and “Avatar” (2007) constitute experiments in genre creation. This first body of work takes Cooptrol to the first European tour in 2007, playing in Spain, Switzerland and Germany, and with the participation in famed Experimentaclub festival in Madrid, sharing stages with big acts such as Merzbow or Mouse On Mars.

Having met the European scene first-hand leads to the first European releases, through UK label Duster. Another Euro-tour in 2009 consolidates Cooptrol’s ability to provide a powerful live show. In 2011 Cooptrol plays at the SOCO Festival, held in the Teatro Solis, Uruguay’s most important venue, sharing stage with artists such as Pole, Kanding Ray, Deadbeat, and Christina Nemec. Also in 2011, a collaboration with Mc Nongenetic form the lengendary Shadowhuntaz is released on vinyl through Spezialmaterial Records from Switzerland.

In 2012 Cooptrol starts his own label, Tiredbeat, dedicated to the more experimental side of techno, releasing works from himself and artists like Somno. 2013 starts with a live techno improvisation show on English net radio Future Music, which leads to a series of releases on French Canadian label Kizi Garden such as Untension (2014), Traces (2016), and Kenjataimu (2016). While gigging intensely around regional dancefloors, an experimental audiovisual performance is presented in the Buenos Aires Museum Of Modern Art, and in the Live Performers Meeting festival in Cape Town.

The inclusion of Cooptrol in the 2015 Uruguayan Music Catalogue of the Ministry of Education of Uruguay marks the recognition of his own country to an extensive career in the development of electronic music in the region. For Cooptrol it is very important to support the amazing Uruguayan emerging electronic music scene with projects such as the “Amigos de Cooptrol” compilation series that showcases local talent, teaching electronic music production at the ORT University, and collaborating with younger artists.

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AMDET – Furtherance – EP – Tiredbeat

Relevant Shows

SOCO Showcase – Contrapedal festival – Montevideo
Centro Cultural de España – Montevideo
Phonoteque – Montevideo
Escuchar Festival – Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires
Live Performers Meeting – Cape Town (Southafrica)
The Wrong – Facultad de Artes – Montevideo
SOCO Festival – Facultad de Artes – Montevideo


Techno My Way installation – The Wrong festival – Montevideo



Heptahedron – EP – Modern Stalking
Hexaedrum – LP – Tiredbeat

Relevant Shows

IAB Forum – Montevideo
Decimo Piso – Montevideo
MVD – Montevideo

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