Kenji Endo [House]

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In 2007, he has had been impressed in San Francisco where Fred Everything, Miguel Migs and Mark Farina were playing at OM Records. He was particularly impressed by House music with the west coast taste in the US, so after coming back to Japan, his DJ career has started in September of the same year.

In October of the next year, he has launched a regular party at the WOMB SUNDAY AFTERNOON and was hustling at the party as both a resident DJ and a leader.

Besides then in 2009, he went to Offenbach and Frankfurt, Germany ,and then he went to London, the UK. He was impressed by German House music and came in touch with inorganic and strong sounds of Deep house in the UK. These experiences made him to know how diverse dance musics are.

After that,he started to show his real potential in a party ,Apt. International Presents « SEASONS », at the WAREHOUSE702 as one of the resident DJ member since June 2010. In october 2011, he has played at the FREAKS VILLAGE(Xland). Moreover, he has basically played in well known clubs in Tokyo such as AIR, WOMB, solfa, module and etc with both domestic and foreign artists.

In 2012, he regularly started to join house music party « EUREKA! ». EUREKA! collaborated with Reel People, The Layabouts, Jullian Gomes, Kyodai, Mad Mats(Local Talk Records), Kuniyuki Takahashi(a.k.a. Koss), Hideo Kobayashi(a.k.a. H.I.D) and etc. The theme of EUREKA! is « Quality House Music ». At the same time, he regularly started to join the party « strobo ». This party collaborated with Yoshinori Sunahara, Kuniyuki Takahashi, Daisuke Tanabe, Ryo Murakami, Jun Akimoto, Iori Wakasa, Den, Yosa and etc. And he has established Unite Music Production and released official lisence mix CD collaborating with Nick Curly, Fred Everything, Jimpster, Alix Alvarez, Milton Jackson, Mic Newman, Joel Alter, Mr.G, Steve Bug, W!ld, Subb-an, Junior Gee, Yoshitaca, Masanori Mikami, and his favirite label that Cecille, Lazy Days, Freerange, Sole Chanel, Fina, Bass Culture, Dessous, Rekids, Spectual Sound, Plastic City, Apt. International, Holic Trax, Fasten Musique and Outdraw.

In 2013 October, he will release the first remix work of « Saru » original produced by Ume from Outdraw Music managed by Masanori Mikami and Synya in Kyoto, The other remixer is Kikiorix and Telly. The art work of remix is produced by Yugo Hasegawa from Souvenir Music.

In 2014 August, he is scheduled to release « The Background EP » from the new label « Kizi Garden Records » based in Montreal, Canada. It represents the essence of the artist-label genre that is the background of his house music that strongly influenced him in the EP.

In 2016, he also collaborated with his friend 4LA on the « Family Tree EP », released on Kizi Garden.

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